The all new era of

virtual 3D movement shootings

Zooxer has developed a cutting edge encoding system for camera cranes with top

performance for picture artists which to meet their request on more vivid video creation.

All spin axis are equipped with high precision encoders to the crane arm and remote head

positions, as well as lens controls, that perfectly deliver data with international commonly used

tracking interface, Zooxer developed a superior but much affordable solution to broadcast users.

Its reliability and precision of the whole control system in combination with mechanical

movement have marvelously tested and proved on major VR-engine suppliers. The tracking

interface provides all camera position data from optical encoders that were calculated by

our virtual software. The system would deliver precise camera XYZ and lens parameters to

graphics software simultaneously under BB signal in studio.

Main Features of Virtual Studio Cranes

Quick Calibration

System calibration can be completed in 5 minutes when graphic render is ready. The software recognizes its original positional data automatically, within +/- 30 degrees at crane arm and head in both tilt and pan dimensions.

Easy Control

The system has ALL RESET which is to reset all encoder and sensor data delivered from every spin potion before use, and LENSE RESET which is to separate two lens encoders from the whole system for independent data management.

Compatibility and Consistency

Developed on Gension MKIII electrical crane control system, it works perfectly in both virtual and regular studios. Both Fuji and Cannon lenses are compatible to the systems.

Machining Accuracy

All CNC and mechanical processing are in compliance with top quality standards.

Tracking Precisions

Encoders and electric sensors are carefully tested and selected internationally, and work marvelously with tracking protocol without cumulative error.

Stable Data Delivery

Patented software development, superb gear processing and reliable electrical component.

Multi-functional Display

Real time display crane and camera data content, easy calculation and operation with the LCD information.

Tracking Protocol International

Standard protocol FREE-D, simply communicated with major graphic renderers.

Tech Specs

Max arm length 3.3-10.3 m
Max CCD height 2.6-7.5 m
Max head payload 30 kg
Arm level height 1.6 m
Crane power input DC15 v/ 120 w
Virtual power input DC 9 v/ 50 w
Compatible lens Fuji / Cannon
Arm p/t encoders 1,490,944 counts/r
Head p/t encoders 1,080,000  counts/r
Zoom/focus encoders 40,960 counts/r
Data interface Free-D
Total weight 95-145 kg


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