The Zooxer tripod series are our latest fluid head with exacting precision and smoothness of motion, but with encoded tracking functions.

With the increasing demand on 3D VR pictures mixed with real world studios or big entertainment shows, Zooxer offers a perfect solution in the AR-VR shooting scenario.

ZX-180VR is a modular professional tripod system with very logical design on our encoded tracking package assembled on the current fluid head.

It’s quick to set up, easy to move and very simply for original calibration with 3D picture engines via industry standard communication protocol.

ZX Virtual Fluid Head System

Software box with screen all info displayed

This box is the data processor of the whole tracking system. All data are collected back from pan and tilt encoders, in line with lens encoders to this box. These data would

be transformed into Free-D protocol, displaying on the tiny display with current data positions, signal status, spin angles etc. The box is designed with necessary wire ports

for BB signals, DC power-in, data port, lens encoders to 3D picture engine. Therefore, always keep the box workable and find out data transmission mistakes on the screen.

Protection in packing

How to work with 3D virtual picture engines

Magnetic sensor deployed with high

precision & stable on data transmission


Tech Specs

Weight                       3.9 Kg
Payload 1.5-25 Kg
Height 200 mm
Pan & Tilt positions 6 ps
Counterbalance positions 4 ps
Sliding plate range 160 mm
Working temperature -40 C°~+60
Tilt angle +90°~-70°
Bowl fit 100 mm
Tripod height range 690~1640 mm
Packed tripod height 780 mm
Pan encoder accuracy 131,072 counts/r
Tilt encoder accuracy 131,072 counts/r
Lens encoder accuracy 8,192 counts/r

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