Compact tripod head for DV camera in VR shootings

Get rid of digital box and messy wires

This compact design on VR data tracking tripod head is tidy and neat in wires. Digital parts are built-in with only few necessary wire ports outside. The small screen displays all tracking data including BB signal frequencies, helping engineers to check on possible technical problems. It has all lens encoder spare parts matching almost every lens and record precise zoom and focus data. Easy to setup and designed with fast repositioning function.

The tracking head is special to a regular tripod head which are technically assembled with mechanical parts only. A tracking head is equipped with high precision digital encoders or sensors to record the pan and tilt angle while moving the camera. Meanwhile, zoom and focus movement from camera lens are read and formulate these data with head movement data, sending out to the picture engine via standard protocol. Therefore, the tracking system need a power supply, data out port, bb signal and other necessary wire plugs in condition of 3D shooting environment.

These data is delivered to the VR engine, causing correspondent and related position movement between the real and virtual objects. Encoders would have to deliver the fluent, precise, stable and rhythmic data, so the mixed picture can work in perfect relation.

Introduction to the data box

Selecting the right lens encoder wires:

Before switch on the box, users should choose the right type of lens data reading modes. There are three types of lens data modes which are direct reading Cannon, direct reading Fujinon and external twin encoders with Cannon or Fujinon gears. When a user has chosen the right cable for the right camera, press A, B or SET buttons before turn on the power, hold these buttons until the “Run” light from blinking to stable. When the encoder type turns to the right name shown on the screen, the tracking head is well linked with the right lens.

For each of these lens cable type, please see the following chart:

Ref. No.       Lens Encoder type Correspondent buttons Info shown on screen
1 External twin encoders A + B Encoder
2 Built-in Cannon lens encoder SET + A Cannon
3 Built-in Fujinon lens encoder SET + B Fujinon

Tech Specs

Weight 3.9 Kg
Payload 1.5-15 Kg
Height 200 mm
Pan & Tilt positions 4 ps
Counterbalance positions 3 ps
Sliding plate range 160 mm
Working temperature -40 C°~+60
Tilt angle +90°~-70°
Bowl fit 100 mm
Tripod height range 690~1640 mm
Packed tripod height 780 mm
Pan encoder accuracy 131,072 counts/r
Tilt encoder accuracy 131,072 counts/r
Lens encoder accuracy 8,192 counts/r 


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