Multi-Camera Control Panels

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AI Shooting Modules
● 16 programs are stored as standard
● Equipped with 12 camera positions centralized control
● Dual remote control panels to ensure safety
● Configure SD card slots, perform remote software upgrades
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The remote control panel for automated camera robots is an operator-end device that adopts an embedded operaing system. It’s a user-friendly tool, enables operators to remotely control various multi-axis motion camera equipment. The panel can be placed on a table or embedded into it for easy operation.






Panel Functions


  • Switch: Supply power to the remote control panel;
  • Emergency knob: Press the button to stop all equipment under remote control on the panel;
  • Touching display: To display equipment information, monitor status data and set parameters;
  • Runnig light: Design to flash intermittently at medium speed under normal operation;
  • Control light: Light on when operate the panel and will turn off when the operation stops;
  • Speed wheel: Control the device’s motion speed at AUTO motion mode;
  • Camera selection: Used to select the camera equipment that needs to be controlled, accessible through 
  • touchscreen or physical buttons;
  • Sequential play: A special playback mode that only plays the pre-set action once and stops immediately 
  • after playback is completed;
  • Repeated play: Continuously loops the preset action until a stop command is received;
  • Blue whale key: An AI-based image recognition automatic tracking system;
  • Memory: Press the MEMO key, and press the preset key at the same time to store the preset camera position;
  • Delete: Press the DELE key, then preset key to delete the preset camera position;
  • Reset: Return all axes of the equipment to move to their initial positions;
  • Preset buttons: Preset key for camera positions, +10 key is a page flip key for 11th to 20th preset positions;
  • Left joystick: Control the device’s horizontal and vertical movements. Pressing the button and rocking will
  • slow down; 
  • Right joystick: Control the head movements. Pressing the button and rocking will slow down;  
  • Note: Left joystick is not available, only the right joystick is configured if control non-moving equipment or 
  • 3 axis head.
  • Note: The right joystick controls the head and zoom, left joystick controls the motion axis or Z-axis.
  • Note: Press the top button of joystick, shake the joystick, it will switch to manual mode and stop running.
  • Focus wheel: Control the camera focus;
  • Ethernet port: Connect to LAN mode for device control;
  • Power in: Connect the system for power supply;
  • Power out: 15V, 3A;
  • RS-422 port: The panel supports three-way camera control through RS-422 ports;
  • Software upgrading and SD card: Used for panel software updates, import and export of SD card data.
  • Note: The panel can communicate both RS-422 and LAN port modes. Under RS-422 mode, one panel can control 3 devices, the devices can be increased through an expansion dock. Under LAN mode, the panel can be connected to a switch and the controlled devices can be expanded through the Ethernet settings.
  • Note: The panel can accept third-party software control commands to remotely control the devices.
  • Note: Data output, input, and backup are to be done with an SD card slot.
  • Note: Download the new system software to the SD card and insert it into the slot for system upgrading.





Panel Dimension



Embedded Slot Dimension


 The shadow on the top is desktop brush, the plug socket is located below the brush (reserved for 100mm).



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