BULL VR Tracking Cranes (max 10m)

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Camera Cranes
● Mute process
● High load-bearing head
● AI human body auto tracking
● Fully automatic circuit design
● Fixed angle head shooting system
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A camera crane but smarter




Zooxer has developed a cutting edge encoding system for camera cranes with top performance for picture artists which to meet their request on more vivid video creation. All spin axis are equipped with high precision encoders to the crane arm and remote head positions, as well as lens controls, that perfectly deliver data with international commonly used tracking interface, Zooxer developed a superior but much affordable solution to broadcast users.



Main Features of Zooxer Virtual Studio Cranes


  • Quick Calibration

System calibration can be completed in 5 minutes when graphic render is ready. The software recognizes its original positional data automatically, within +/- 30 degrees at crane arm and head in both tilt and pan dimensions.

  • Easy Control

The system has ALL RESET which is to reset all encoder and sensor data delivered from every spin potion before use, and LENSE RESET which is to separate two lens encoders from the whole system for independent data management.

  • Compatibility and Consistency

Developed on Zooxer MKIV electrical crane control system, it works perfectly in both virtual and regular studios. Both Fujinon and Cannon lenses are compatible to the systems.

  • Machining Accuracy

All CNC and mechanical processing are in compliance with top quality standards.

  • Tracking Precisions

Encoders and electric sensors are carefully tested and selected internationally, and work marvelously with tracking protocol without cumulative error.

  • Stable Data Delivery

Patented software development, superb gear processing and reliable electrical component.

  • Multi-functional Display

Real time display crane and camera data content, easy calculation and operation with the LCD information.

  • Tracking Protocol

International Standard protocol FREE-D, simply communicated with major graphic renderers. 





Fast initialization by patented ONE-POINT-SETTINGS technology

BULL VR cranes can finish the location setting within 15 mins, after that, it allows people to change shooting locations anytime. Cameraman only need to hold the crane, zoom and target the base point, and move to another angle and repeat. So the crane will know where it is, sending current position to the 3D picture engine.VR shooting is ok

This BULL crane has all necessary hardware which allows for VR tracking shootings. It’s quiet and stable, compatible with all available lenses big or small. It has a touching screen with all data and charts, so it shows more than necessary.



Digital remote control handles:
These nicely designed handles are with simplification style. Joysticks on the one, zoom and focus on the other, with all function buttons at the bottom in case of damaging. They can be swap for people’s convenience.


Lens compatibility

BULL cranes can control almost all brands of lenses including Full or Semi-Servo Cannon and Fujinon, DVs, etc. It reads lens data directly from inside or with outside sensors, and feedback to software. The head is with top quality motor and precise mechanical decelerator which gives perfect noise control and silky movement.



How it works:

Cameraman firstly select a target point in the environment, by looking at the screen, lock it. The fluid head will recognize where the target is, and automatically move the head in line with the arm positions. If change to another target, the cameraman will unlock the first, and move to the new, still lock it again. People also can adjust where the target is locating in the picture by pushing joysticks, this target will move at slower speed till your needs.










Stage Production



Tech Specs




CamCranes-BULL 3VR CamCranes-BULL 5VR CamCranes-BULL 6VR CamCranes-BULL 8VR CamCranes-BULL 10VR
Fluid Head Type L Type Head, 2 axis, Built-in Motors and Sensors; Optional U Type Tracking Head, 3 Axis
Pan Speed 0.01~60°/s
Head Payload L Type Head: 25Kg; U Type Tracking Head: 20Kg
Total Length 3.40m 5.20m 6.40m 7.60m 9.40m
Front Length 2.55m 3.60m 4.65m 5.70m 7.20m
Rear Length 0.85m 1.60m 1.75m 1.90m 2.20m
Max Lens Height 2.85m 3.80m 4.70m 5.55m 6.80m
Crane Ht on Level Pst. 1.54m
Lens Ht on Level Pst. 1.21m
Crane Tilt Angle +55° ~ -55°
Dolly Type T Type Dolly, 3*2 Duo-Wheels, 200mm Wheel Diameter, Additional Leveling Screws*3
Dolly Size 1.44m Diameter
Weights (No Balance Wts) 96Kg 100Kg 105Kg 112Kg 140Kg
Balance Weights 60Kg 80Kg 90Kg 100Kg 130Kg
Operation Model Solo Control with Two Handles
Power Input DC 15V/10A
Power Out DC 15V/10A
Operating Power 50W
Crane Encoder Accuracy 2,700,000 c/r
Head Encoder Accuracy 2,700,000 c/r
Lens Encoder Accuracy Outer Encoder:8,192 c/r;Lens Controllers:32,768 c/r
Compatible Lens Full-servo, Semi-servo Fujinon and Cannon Lens;or Lens Controller for Cine Camera, DV or DSLR Camera



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