FOX LEGEND Light Camera Heads (5kg)

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Remote Camera Heads
● Small, light and quick
● AI auto tracking
● Powerful lens controllers
● VR tracking data
● Many controlled by one
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Shooting more cameras by one man


The FOLDING remotely controlled fluid head is specifically designed for cameras no more than 6kg, that includes most DVs and SLR cameras. Folding can manage all lenses with lens controllers, hidden in a very small conner quietly. With numerous fluid heads working together, you can have a true unmanned control system for better efficiency.



Small, light and fast

The FOLDING head is foldable to a 14cm height size and can be packed together with the control panel for easier carry-up. It is less than 2kg and processed by CNC aluminum material giving it features of beauty, less cables and setup user friendly.


One click to reclaim all preset pictures

Supported by high torque brushless motor and accurate encoders, the fluid head can call back all shooting angles with accuracy of no more than 0.02°. Cameramen can use outside lens controllers to reclaim the same track on zoom, focus and iris. This is especially useful for quick picture shifts such as meetings, concert performance ect.


Lens rockers for any long lens camera

The powerful 1.5Nm lens rockers can fit into Folding fluid head and that gives cameramen freedom to use a very wide range of lenses. In these lens controllers, there are encoders to output tracking data for VR production, so now even a small SLR camera can work in VR picture. 


AI human body capture techlogy for auto tracking

In even complex shooting environment with more than one person involved, the BLUE WHALE AI module can still work stable to pick up the chosen target for auto camera tracking. It can be very useful for on line short video productions or any other cases with not enough cameramen in shooting.


3D VR tracking data

Data from the built-in precise magnetic encoders and lens rockers can support FREE-D protocol for VR production. It is reliable and work perfectly with all major 3D vender brands, opening up a gateway for small camera VR productions.



The head has many smart functions to meet more efficient picture work, such as:

  • Control via both LAN and RS-422 cables
  • Human action auto tracking shootings
  • Maximum 5 heads control in one panel
  • Pre-set shooting positions
  • Crane moving shootings by programed route
  • Lens controller for pre-set zoom and focus
  • VR picture tracking data


These functions allow cameraman can easily setup multi-camera shooting system and controlled by one. It dose not bother with different lens since it has a auto zoom and focus technology which would be remembered before hand for every shooting position.




This is extremely interesting for Folding head since it can fit into our own robotic cranes or track robotics. These moving camera support equipment do not need professional cameramen to work on panels. It can auto target and repeat the shooting track just by one click. It is perfect for studio production with 2 or 3 cameras to come up with a truly unmanned control environment.



Product Display






Live Production




Tech specs




Folding PRO

Folding VR

Fluid Head Type

L Type, 2 Axis, Built-in Brushless Motors and Encoders

L Type Tracking, 2 Axis, Built-in Brushless Motors and Encoders

Pan Speed


Head Payload


Head Weight


Head Mounting

 3/8'' Screw 

Head Angle

Pan:+165° ~ -165°; Tilt:+60° ~ -60°

Operation Model

Remote Control Panel

Power Input

DC 12V/2.5A

Operating Power


Head Encoder Accuracy


260,000 c/r

Lens Encoder Accuracy


32,768 c/r

Compatible Lens

Direct Control for DV Cameras; or Cine, DV, SLR Lens Driven by Lens Controllers


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