DRAGONFLY Studio Telescopic Crane (6m)

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● AI human body auto tracking
● Space positioning auto tracking
● Dual handles with single person control
● Head fixed angle shooting
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Quiet & Smart

6 meter VR shooting and noise control tech

One person modularized designs in brain


Zooxer has been developing complex telescopic cranes in the past years. The new 6 meter model was launched in 2019, with more functions of control over arm and camera lens. This model has one and two operator control mode for much more creative work on picture movement.




This big thing is quieter, swifter and act just in the right timing. The Dragonfly has been used over 200 events in sports, entertainments, dramas etc. with excellent picture catching by camera artists. It has a longer boom to cover every impossible corner over the stage and making pictures more imaginative than ever. We've tested on all possible new industrial materials to reduce unnecessary noise, making shooting process comfortable. These new materials such as carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy were adopted within consideration of extreme weather and environment conditions.




Operation with two hands


We have developed ONE or TWO cameramen control models for more choices of shooting. For quicker act on picture movement needs in line with lens control, ONE operator can manage this big garget the same way to a regular crane, plus telescoping function. It’s more economic, easy to set up and shoot. Compatibility is the thing we focus, so the 4th generation of fluid head control system works perfectly with all available lenses in the market, both ENGs and DVs. The fluid head is also changeable inline with the camera sizes. It’s also simple to switch between one person work model or team work models.



Control Board

Work place safety is an important aspect of vital design with Dragonfly. We set up 3 types of safety protections in the equipment:


  • Software designing based on telescoping sensors to make sure the boom stops where it should be.
  • Back and Front Stoppers are to be triggered if the system goes wrong for special reasons. They brakes the boom within instantly with no harm to any people or camera.
  • If both are fail to stop the crane, we designed rubber and spring stuff to hold the balance weight and send message simultaneously to motors and suspend the power out.


Expect those, we have Emergency Knobs at the control box and fluid head, so cameraman can touch them easily while working.




Noise control is paid much attention in the designing process, since we are targeting at news studio production with extremely requirement over sounds and noises. We have silent liner tracks, oil-sealed reducer, noise control cushions, rubber belt, DC motors as well as dens spinning steel cables. All these new materials make sure this 800 pieces parts assembled equipment moves in silent and delivers great pictures.



This modularized studio telescopic crane can move can tracks, programable control on boom pan and tilt movement, as well as auto-face capturing shooting fluid head etc. These independent modules are all under Zooxer products and supported by Zooxer R&D.




Studio Production





Tech Specs




Dragonfly-6M Dragonfly-6M VR
Fluid Head Type L Type Tracking, 2 Axis; Digital Gyro Stabilized Head, 3 Axis
Pan Speed 0.01~60°/s
Head Payload L Type Head: 25Kg; Gyro Stabilized Head: 20Kg
Total Length 6.20m~3.00m
Telescopic Range 3.20m
Max Telescopic Speed 1.4m/s
Front Length 4.55m(Max)
Rear Length 1.75m
Crane Ht on Level Pst.

Standard Column: 1.90m (Peak Point); 1.70m (Tilt Center);

Lifting Column: 1.87m~2.27m (Peak Point); 1.67m~2.07m (Tilt Center)

Lens Ht on Level Pst. 0.95m
Max Lens Height ≈4.50m
Crane Tilt Angle +50° ~ -50°
Dolly Type Four Wheels Square Dolly with Screw Supports
Dolly Size Length:1.33m;Width:1.28m
Weights (No Balance Wts) 200Kg
Balance Weights 100Kg
Operation Model Solo Control with Two Handles or Telescopic Handle Control
Power In AC 220V/10A, 50/60 Hz
Power Out DC 15V/10A
Operating Power 1.20 KW
Crane Encoder Accuracy None 2,700,000 c/r
Head Encoder Accuracy None 2,700,000 c/r
Lens Encoder Accuracy None 32,768 c/r
Compatible Lens     Full-servo, Fujinon and Cannon Lens



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