FOXQUEEN Professional Studio Fluid Head

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Remote Camera Heads
● Mute process
● Automatic recording
● Convenient and fast pre-set storage
● Install head position according to one's own needs
● Optional AI human recognition tracking and shooting
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Robot Fluid Head System

One man to control 3 cameras


This robot fluid head system (Foxqueen) is designed for studio camera shooting, and highly intelligent controlled 2 axis camera support equipment. Foxqueen has a remote control panel, a fluid head with built-in precise encoders. (The head can fit in 100mm standard bowl tripod.) It makes non-cameramen shooting in a studio possible, and let people to control the head pan& tilt movement, and lens zoom& focus in remote; Or to pre-set shooting angles on the panel, to let the head moves by simply pressing buttons. A working panel can support up to 3 fluid heads, which also can deliver VR tracking data via Free-D protocol to the 3D picture engines.


The main feature of Foxqueen is to adopt programable auto head moving and lens controlling. Cameramen can change between AUTO mode and REMOTE CONTROL mode at any moment without interrupting movement process. A touching screen is located into the working panel with all function adjustments digital. All VR tracking data are shown on the screen which helps people to monitor if the system is working under right condition. The whole system consists of a 100mm bowl tripod, a 2 axis tracking data head, a control table and necessary cables. When shooting the moving person target, it simply can upgrade the system by using ZOOXER AI motion capture technology BLUE WHALE.

  • Auto head pan and tilt, lens zoom and focus remote controls: The system can support digital full-servo Fujinon or Canon lens with precise motion controls.
  • Precise and stable VR tracking data output with mutual feedback screen info: The auto head is equipped with quality encoders at both pan and tilt axis based on belt convey designs. It eliminates data backlash while back-and-forth movement, makes VR data highly reliable. The system can read lens data directly via built-in lens encoder.
  • Programable and multi-function in motion control: The system can record 20 movement curves in every program, and easily to switch from auto to manual control mode.
  • Silence management: In a studio with tough sound control requirement, the auto head can perfectly work in an almost silent environment. Quality motors and decelerators, and sound absorbing materials will help reduce down noise to meet people’s needs.
  • Upgradable and modular designed system: In order to make shooting process easier, Zooxer provides both infrared based tracking technologies and human motion capture technologies to help cameraman no need to control the pan and tilt spins , instead that an independent unit will be giving the position data to the system any time as human walks. The main purpose is to reduce the operational difficulty on a fluid head, or a less experienced person can simply do the job too.



Studio Production




Film Production



Tech Specs 



  Name Foxqueen-PRO Foxqueen-VR
  Fluid Head Type   L Type Head, 2 Axis;Built-in Brushless Motors and Sensors     L Type Tracking, 2 Axis,Built-in Brushless Motors and Sensors 
  Pan Speed 0.01~60°/s
  Head Payload 25Kg
  Head Weight 7.5Kg
  Head Mounting 3/8'' Screw or M10 Screw hole*3
  Head Tilt Angle +45° ~ -45°
  Operation Model Remote Control Panel
  Power Input  DC 24V/6A
  Power Out DC 15V/3A
  Operating Power   72W
  Head Encoder Accuracy   None 2,090,000 c/r
  Lens Encoder Accuracy None Lens Controllers: 32,768 c/r
  Compatible Lens Full-servo, Semi-servo Fujinon and Cannon Lens;or Lens Controller for Cine Camera, DV or DSLR Camera



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