GAZELLE Robotic Camera Crane (max 6m)

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● 30Kg heavy camera payload
● Precise and stable VR tracking data
● Manual control and programmable movement
● AI human body auto capturing
● Anti-collision radar and safety package
● Multi-camera controlled by one
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She knows how to make camera shooting


Gazelle camera crane robotics is a highly advanced equipment for small studio shooting environment. People have 3 control models with it: Auto track shooting, remote control by pan bar or working table as well as hand controls. Purpose of this design is to reduce human force participated in a picture production, and to allow the production process more stable and easier.



Auto camera crane robotics for news studio Programmable, VR works, Auto-capture shooting, Tripod model control.



Working Table




To work with Gazelle in a studio, cameraman should pre-set the desirable camera positions on the working table. It support as much as 8 programs and 20 positions for shooting. In the auto arm mode, you can press these points so the crane will move and with lens always looking at the target.


Gazelle has a smart crane arm pan and tilt unit by putting duo-quality-motor and encoders inside. It moves the crane as pre-located camera positions on the working table. You can have 3 types of moving curves from point to point which gives more vivid picture than linear movement.


Pan Bar Control Mode

This part has a screen to indicate all necessary data for both equipment condition and VR tracking information. Cameraman can easily turn this robotic into a regular hand controlled crane by setting up a pair of handle and unlock pan& tilt brakes.

Studio Production




Film Production




Tech Specs



      Name                Gazelle-3VR       Gazelle-4VR Gazelle-5VR Gazelle-6VR
      Fluid Head Type       U Type Tracking Head, 2 axis; U Type Large Frame Tracking Head, 2 Axis      
      Pan Speed       0.01~60°/s      
      Head Payload       30Kg      
      Total Length                2.90m       3.50m 4.70m 5.90m
      Front Length                2.20m       2.50m 3.35m 4.40m
      Rear Length                0.70m       1.00m 1.30m 1.50m
      Crane Ht on Level Pst.        Standard Column Height: 1.40m; Lifting Column Height: 1.40m~1.80m      
Max Lens Height   Head Downward: 3.35m
     Head Upward: 2.50m 
Head Downward: 3.35m
   Head Upward: 2.70m
Head Downward: 4.25m
   Head Upward: 3.40m
Head Downward: 5.05m
   Head Upward: 4.20m
Crane Tilt Angle +50° ~ -50°
Dolly Type Four Wheels Square Dolly with Screw Support
Dolly Size Length:0.90m;Width:0.80m
Weights(No Balance Wts) 165Kg 175Kg 185Kg 200Kg
Balance Weights              50Kg 60Kg 70Kg 90Kg
Operation Model Remote Control by Operational Panel or Solo Control with Two Handles
Power Input AC 220V/10A, 50/60 Hz
Power Out DC 15V/10A
Operating Power 1.55 KW
Crane Encoder Accuracy    2,700,000 c/r
Head Encoder Accuracy    2,700,000 c/r
Lens Encoder Accuracy Lens Controllers:32,768 c/r
Compatible Lens Full-servo, Semi-servo Fujinon and Cannon Lens;or Lens Controller for Cine Camera, DV or DSLR Camera





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