TIGO Telescopic Crane Robotics (6m)

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● U type 2 axis head, 25kg head payload
● Optional peacock 3 axis gyro-stabilized head
● Optional track shooting
● Built-in circuit system design, less cable
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Tiger telescopic crane is an intelligent camera robot suitable for film and television shooting, with a 6-meter telescopic boom, which can automatically and accurately execute the programmed motion trajectory, and can also be controlled by the cameraman's double operation or single operation to control the arm movement for shooting.


The telescopic crane can be mounted on a track or in a fixed position for shooting. It has a variety of shooting functions, such as AI space auto tracking to shoot walking people, space fixed-point tracking to shoot fixed scenes, telescopic automatic compensation function, linear track screen, etc. The device can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments, with low noise and smooth movement.


Equipment Features:

1. Suitable for 2 axis U-shaped head, up to 50kg payload; or a 3 axis gyro stabilized head, up to 20kg payload.

  • In studio production, the U-shaped head can be embedded with a large teleprompter, a high-torque motor, and a variety of mute control methods to ensure recording in a quiet studio;

  • When shooting at high speed and rail movement, the electronic gyro stabilized head uses advanced algorithms to ensure that the robot remains stable when shooting with multi-axis linkage shooting of track, telescoping and head rotation. The 3 axis gyro stabilized head can perform ROLL angle, allowing you to create more artistic expression.


2. The lens control can directly drive Canon and Fujinon full-servo lenses in the studio or adapt to three-way motors to drive cine cameras, DV, SLR and other lenses.

  •  When recording a news studio program, the robot can directly drive the zoom, focus and iris functions of Canon and Fujinon lenses, and read the data information built into the lens for VR production;
  • In scenarios without built-in lens motor, such as a movie camera, the robot still adds lens focal length movements to each precise movement by selecting its own lens controller, including up to three lens motors, and uses different motor torque modes to adapt to different lens categories.


3. Automatic and manual dual operation mode, one-key switching; In manual mode, the automatic fixed-point tracking can be turned on and off with one key; Ergonomic operating handle, independent metal plug-in wire, embedded electronic components to prevent collisions.

  • The combination of automatic movement or manual shooting allows the robot to be competent for more production scenes;
  • In the automatic shooting mode, the robot is equipped with a high-torque silent motor and a sensor, so that the long-lens movement shooting can be presented accurately and stably. By storing the motion trajectory, importing the trajectory, the robot can identify the motion trajectory data and reproduce the picture, which includes the integrated picture of the robot's movement on the track;
  • In the manual mode, you can choose between solo control with two handles, or one person moving while the other person controls the head and lens. In the whole process of automatic and manual switching, the robot only needs to open the linkage lock, and the robot can switch between shooting modes without interruption, even if virtual tracking, the sensing data will not be interrupted. This design allows the robot to adapt to almost all shooting scenes, making the production of pictures more associative.


4. Up to 6.45m telescopic boom, 3.40m telescopic range, telescopic boom body fall compensation to ensure that the lens angle and virtual tracking data are not affected by the fall, optional track shooting, straight rail and curved rail laying, accurate track movement virtual tracking data, multiple repeated movements without calibration.

  • The long boom of the robot can be used in conjunction with a specific form of track to obtain a higher, lower, and more complex lens angle. In the process of movement, because the robot can superimpose the three speeds of track sliding, moving and telescoping, the actual space movement speed of the camera can be faster. The system has built-in physical compensation functions such as arm fall compensation, CCD position and attitude compensation, etc., which greatly improves the accuracy of image output for accurate shooting or XR virtual tracking production scenes.


5. Security protection solutions: Electromagnetic radar, spring damper braking, independent radar monitoring for collision prevention, track movement range limitation, motor torque detection, emergency stop button.

  • The safety of robot movement is the primary goal of the program, users will be required to undergo training to ensure that the cameraman understands every detail of the operation of the equipment. In case of encounter any technical problems, you can deal with them in the shortest possible time to ensure smooth and safe video production.


Tech Specs


Fluid Head Type U Type Tracking Head, 2 Axis, Built-in Brushless Motors and Sensors
Pan Speed 0.01~60°/s
Head Payload 25Kg
Total Length 6.45m~3.05m
Telescopic Range 3.40m
Telescopic Speed 1.4m/s
Front Length 4.80m(Max)
Rear Length 1.65m
Crane Height on Level Position 1.80m (Peak Point); 1.52m(Tilt Center)
Lens Height on Level Position 0.82m
Max Lens Height ≈4.75m
Crane Tilt Angle -55°~+55°
Dolly Type Four wheels square dolly with screw supports
Dolly Size Length: 1.20m;Width: 0.80m
Total Weights (No Balance Wts) 95Kg
Balance Weights 120Kg
Operation Model Remote Control Panel; Solo Control with Two Handles;
Optional Touchscreen Panel Control
Power Input AC 220V/10A, 50/60 Hz
Power Out DC 15V/10A
Operating Power 2.65 KW
Crane Encoder Accuracy None 2,700,000 c/r
Head Encoder Accuracy None 2,700,000 c/r
Lens Encoder Accuracy None 32,768 c/r
Compatible Lens Full-servo, Fujinon and Cannon Lens

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